Battling the biggest spread of Coronavirus outbreak caused by the highly transmissible Delta variant, China has restricted travellers entry from the northeastern city where the infection is growing faster than any other area in the country in the past week. The people in these areas are subjected to tough quarantine rules. 

Around 1,308 domestically transmitted cases with confirmed symptoms were reported in the mainland between 17 October to 14 November, which has exceeded the 1,280 local cases of the virus from the summer Delta outbreak. This is seen as China’s severe widespread delta eruption affecting around 21 provinces, regions and municipalities. 

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Although the increasing infection rate is smaller in comparison to other countries, the Chinese authorities are more concerned about their government’s zero-tolerance guidance policy, hence, they are more eager to block the virus transmission. 

China’s implementation of a rigorous set of curbs like detailed contact tracing, testing people multiple times who are in at-risk areas, closing of public venues like entertainment and cultural and strict restriction on tourism and public transport helped nearly twelve province-level regions to quickly control the spread within weeks.
In a Saturday media briefing, an official of the National Health Commission said that the northeastern city of Dalian with a population of 7.5 million has been struggling with the virus as it has been witnessing an average of 24 new local cases a day which is more than any other Chinese city. 

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Residents of cities near Dalian like Dandong, Anshan and Shenyang have said that people visiting these cities from Dalian are being quarantined for 14 days at a centralised facility before being allowed to move freely.

According to the latest data, China has witnessed 4,636 deaths and reported 98,315 confirmed symptomatic cases of COVID-19 that are both domestically transmitted infections and from abroad also.

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