Several states are lifting restrictions. The tourism industry is once gaining momentum as people are traveling to hill sites, but flouting covid norms. All this makes it appear at the worst of pandemic is over. However, the reality is Covid cases are increasing and top ICMR scientists have warned that the third wave will hit India by the end of August month.

Head of epidemiology and infectious diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Dr. Samiran Panda has predicted that third wave of COVID-19 would hit India towards the end of August, with around 1 lakh cases per day.

Professor Panda, discussing the severity of the third wave, says that if the virus does not further mutate, the situation would be similar to the first wave. If it does mutate, then, things may get a lot worse.

He also cautioned states that experienced a low impact from the first two waves of COVID-19 that if restrictions are not maintained, they may face a devastating third wave.

"It is vital for each state to investigate pandemic and make a decision on the COVID-19 scenario. The first and second waves of COVID-19 had little impact in certain areas. If the restrictions are not maintained today, the third wave may have a serious impact on these states,” said Dr. Panda.

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He further added, “If the third wave happens, it will arrive by the end of August; however, this is not certain.”

Professor Panda agreed that India needs a deliberate vaccination plan and emphasized the need of minimizing travel as much as possible because it causes population density shifts.

The public of the nation plays a significant role in preventing the third wave. Vaccination and Covid appropriate behaviour such as social distancing, wearing masks, avoid crowding places, etc are the key factors that can help in reducing the severity of the upcoming wave.

People are not taking pandemic predictions seriously, which can lead to the worst. Earlier, Lav Agarwal, joint secretary in the health ministry has stated that people are not understanding the importance of Covid appropriate behaviour. His statement came at a time when thousands of people were flocking to the hill station.

Agarwal explained that there are 66 districts in the country where the infection rate is higher than 10%. At the same time, there are 86 areas around the country where 100 cases are reported per day. In 90 districts, 80 percent of the cases have been recorded. The case is confined inside a small area.

Meanwhile, the Central government has expressed concerns over the visuals of violation of COVID guidelines. Everywhere, in the city, markets, tourist destinations, there is open negligence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grave concerns about crowding and people flouting Covid norms stating negligence can increase the outbreak of the virus.

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