Many people struggle in deciding what to eat and what not to before or after exercise or workout. As per professionals, one can do a morning workout without eating much as the morning workouts do not last for more than an hour, for which our body has enough energy because of glycogen, which is a stash of sugar of glucose that is stored in your muscles and liver. 

As per the study conducted by Northumbria University, published online in a British journal of nutrition, all men (with or without breakfast) were able to complete their exercise routine and men, who exercised without having breakfast burned 20 percent more fat as compared to those who consumed their meal. 

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The study was conducted on 12 men. Half of them consumed breakfast and half used the stored energy to perform their workout routine. 

The upside of working out empty stomach: 

Some researchers have proved that working out in a fast state can burn more fat as our body would be ‘sugar starved’ which would lead to more rapid fat-burning.

 The downside of working out empty stomach:

Empty stomach exercise comes with the risk of bonking, an actual sports term for feeling lethargic and light-headed due to low blood sugar. 

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Eating tips:

-       One can have half a banana with a spoonful of butter or a hard-boiled egg before the workout. 

-       After exercising, one should drink plenty of water and should wait for 60 to 90 minutes before eating.

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