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The most awaited India-specific version of Player Unknown Battlegrounds, i.e PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile India can now be downloaded from the Google play store. The game will be available to the gamers who pre-registered over the next few days. So, the fans who haven’t done so, What are you waiting for? 

Rules of Conduct

Earlier, Battlegrounds Mobile India has uploaded the rules of conduct. However, they deleted them soon after fans reported spotting a post on the game’s official website with the title ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India Rules of Conduct’.

So far, the exact contents of this rule of conduct are not known. It is expected that they will be re-released soon on the website of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Similarities with PUBG

Earlier, there were lots of anticipations about game rules like Battlegrounds Mobile India might come with an OTP verification to bar the indulgence of a younger audience in the game. It was expected that game will have India-specific locations on the Map and more. 

However, all of these turned out to be just a rumor. The changes made in the game are- change in the color of blood, which is now green, a new account system and multiple warnings to spend limited time on the game.

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When PUBG was banned in India, Krafton had promised to launch a new game with a better experience for Indian users. But, the weapons, locations, gameplay and other things are more or less similar to Players Unknown Battleground. So far, it is said that the company has not put as much effort as it had promised.

While entering the game, the user is asked if he/she is older than 18 years or not. But, there is no in-game process to verify that. Also, there are regular audio warnings within the game that asks players to take a break while playing. 

The company has tried to make the game more secure for players but has made it really annoying. Another, irrational difference between PUBG and Battlegrounds is that the player in the game is ‘finished’ and not ‘killed’. 

Apart from censoring and a few changes, the game is similar to PUBG. 

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