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On May 17, renowned Dr KK Aggarwal succumbs to Covid-19. The fact which is surprising to people is that he had taken both doses of vaccine. 

On this, Dr Arvind Kumar from Medanta Hospital said in a conversation with a media channel that there can be many other reasons due to which infection developed even after complete vaccination. Detail research should be done on it. However, he enumerated three possibilities that may be the reason for death/ development of infection in those persons who have taken both vaccine doses.

Dr Arvind Kumar said, “It is a matter of research that why antibodies did not form in these persons even after complete vaccination. If the antibodies produced then why they were not enough to fight against the virus or the required neutralizing antibodies were not formed. The third possibility may be that the antibodies produced in those bodies were not efficient to fight against this strain of the virus.” 

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Further, Dr Arvind compared the death rates during the first, and second phases of the vaccination drive and said that it is visible that the death rate has fallen during phase two. He also said that doctors and scientists are assuming a death rate of zero percent in phase three, but the situation is a bit different on the ground. 

Dr Arvind said that if people are dying, that did not mean that vaccines are not effective or useful. Yes, they are not 100 percent effective but still prevent deaths, serious illness. It is one of the strong weapons to date.

He further explained that no volunteer has died during the phase three trial of the vaccine, last year. During trials, 25-30 patients have contracted the virus but the infection was mild, no one was hospitalized or required ventilator beds. 

He also mentioned that till February, when the country has not witnessed the second wave of coronavirus, it was expected that people who have taken both doses of vaccination would not die, or the infection would be mild but the second wave of the virus has changed this assumption, India has witnessed deaths of those as well who were completed vaccinated. 

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“Life must go on”, were the words by Dr KK Aggarwal on his death bed. Padma Shri awardee Dr K.K. Aggarwal passed away on Monday night after a long battle with Covid-19.

"Even during the pandemic, he made constant efforts to educate the masses and was able to reach out to over 100 million people through numerous videos and educational programs and saved countless lives," the statement posted on his Twitter handle on May 17 at 11.30 p.m. said.

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