Fake News Alert: Lockdown in India from May 3 to 20?

The number of cases of Covid patients and the deaths due to the same is rising at an accelerating pace in India. Developed nations are beginning to issue advisory to their citizens to leave India. The plight of every Indian is no secret. In these circumstances, a graphic goes viral which informs of a nation-wide lockdown from May 3 to May 20. True Scoop News does a fact check.

Sources at True Scoop News claim that the information regarding a nation-wide lockdown in fake news.

Further, the news channel impersonated in the graphic has expressly disavowed its involvement.

It must be noted that a nation-wide lockdown brings a country or a state’s economy to a screeching halt. The leaders are also aware of the human crisis, the exodus, and the struggle to put food on table for so many fellow Indians that crop up when most businesses are forced to shut down.

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PM Narendra Modi believes and requests the state governments to use lockdown only as the last resort.

Thus, this news of lockdown in May 2021 is a fake news.

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