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NAVI MUMBAI: As part of her 13th birthday celebrations on January 31, a girl from Panvel, Nakshatra Sanap will donate her hair to cancer sufferers. Her family and friends are praising her xact. The donated hair will be collected by an NGO and utilised to treat sufferers.

In 2019, the teen, Nakshatra Sanap, turned down her mother Rekha's offer to donate her hair to cancer sufferers. Her mother had read about a college girl and her ten pals going bald to help cancer patients with their hair. The drive was in response to an NGO called Cope With Cancer.

"I changed my mind after turning down my mother's suggestion. On January 7 this year, I sent my 12-inch-long hair packed in full hygienic condition to Mangal Anand Hospital, Chembur. The donated hair of five to six persons will be used to form original hair wig for better look of cancer patients," stated Nakshatra, a student of class VIII.

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"Onlearning of her deed, the beautician Sonal Shah waived off salon charges," added Manoj,  the girl's father.

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