Arnav Bathla, young entrepreneur, acknowledged today by major investors of Silicon Valley as one of most innovative professionals fell  in love with building products and startups the moment he won one of the most prestigious awards at NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest and Recognition of Excellence with Distinction (three times consecutively) for presentation of the Space Settlement Design at International space conference by NSS(National Space Society)

Since then he moved to one of the elite high schools called UWC(United world college),where he worked on variety of projects which earned him remarkable and phenomenal brilliance.

He has worked on some of the most prestigious assignments in field of economics, stock marketing and computer science. He has been accepted into On Deck- a community of ambitious builders.

He started by building side projects- one of which became top ranked products on Product Hunt(a space to vote on products).

Arnav Bathla’s unique experience, global perspective, strong academic credentials and impeccable record of achievements in the field make him the personification of an ideal Founder and CEO of DAO front, which is crypto accounting software his latest and one of it’s own kind and most successful venture 

He just raised a pre seed from many top Silicon Valley investors including ’Multicoin Capital’ n Lattice Capital’

Arnav has demonstrated his extraordinary capabilities and is making tremendous contribution to serve the investors .

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The combination of Arnav’s breadth of knowledge expertise in technology and his drive to build pathbreaking enterprise to serve companies leads to birth of ‘DAO front’.

His insight into the technological direction is an invaluable asset to the companies. 
Arnav Bathla’s company DAO front has vast potential to create multiple jobs.

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