#FirstStoryPositive: 21 Years Young Animal Rescuer From Telangana Saved 120 Animals So Far

This young animal rescuer from Mahabubabad works round the clock to save animals who are in pain and treats them.

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It is said to help others you only need a loving heart and Mohammad Suma who is just 21, is one of them. She has succeeded just like any other veteran animal rescuer. From the age of just 11, Suma has been rescuing animals and by far has saved the lives of around 120 animals. The girl has entered a 40 feet-well to save a fox that was stuck inside. 

The young girl has also created a shelter for recovering animals at her house and is available any time to aid and save animals. Suma has even rescued deadly animals like pythons. 

For 10 years, this has been a daily routine for Mohammad Suma, to rescue animals and provide them with the best treatment if they are injured. 

Suma, a native of Mahabubabad, Telangana quickly responds to information of any animal or bird suffering and being in pain, attends them and rehabilitates them at the right shelter. This youth has rescued as many as 120 animals by far, including monkeys, dogs, cats, cows, owls and birds.

She is not only a rescuer but brave too. In one such courageous act, Suma has once risked her life by entering a 40- feet deep well to rescue a fox that had fallen inside. Sadly, by the time Suma could reach the fox and take it out of the well, it had died. She tried her best even though the villagers didn’t dare to enter the well. 

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Time is not an issue for Suma, whether it is 10 am or 10 pm, Suma is always within reach to assist distressed animals and is determined to do so at any cost. As soon as she receives a call regarding an animal needing help on her mobile phone or via the toll-free animal mobile medical ambulance number (1962), Suma can be seen armed with a rope, a gunny bag and gloves, and arrives at the spot to rescue the animal. 

Suma said she was inspired by her parents to assist animals. Her parents also work to conserve the environment and she began rescuing animals at the tender age of 11.

“While studying in class V, I rescued an injured pig. Whenever I would get a call during nighttime, my father would accompany me for the rescue operation,” she said. 

Suma’s work is dangerous and involves risk. A few years ago, the 21-year-old had caught a python and handed it over to the Forest Department officials. 

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At her home, Suma has built a shelter home for injured animals, where she treats them. In 2018, Suma saved six motherless kittens and shifted them to the shed she created, treated them and took good care of them.