#FirstStoryPositive: Kerala man, Ranjith Ramachandran’s remarkable life journey from a nightguard to IIM teacher is worth a million read

Ranjith Ramachandran’s struggle-filled life story is going viral online and is inspiring millions of people to “not giving up” on the circumstances.

The amazingly successful journey of 28-year-old Ranjith Ramachandran of Kasaragod has won the hearts of netizens after his Facebook post with the comment “An IIM Professor was born here”, went viral. 

Mr Ranjith posted a picture of his ramshackle house that had no doors and had a tarpaulin covering to prevent rainwater leakage. 

His message continues “I was born in this house. I grew up in this house. I live in this house. With lots of happiness, let me tell you an assistant professor of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) took birth here. I want to share my journey from this house to IIM-Ranchi. And I will consider it my success if this fuels at least one person’s dreams.” 

His post garnered more than 37,000 likes on the social media platform.

Sharing his inspiring journey Mr Ranjith expressed how he juggled between his studies and job and fulfilled his dream. This inspiring life story becomes all the more incredible when one learns that Mr Ranjith’s parents had only studied till Class 5. His father works as a tailor while his mother is a daily wage worker. He also has a younger sister named Ranjitha, who also has a PG in Economics and aims to follow in the footsteps of her brother.

While pursuing his Economics degree, Mr Ramachandran worked as a watchman at a telephone exchange in Panathur to support his family as they were really poor. 

After attaining his graduate degree, he enrolled in IIT Madras for his PhD. Degree and faced renewed difficulties in the form of language barriers as he knew only Malayalam. With undying support from his guide Dr Subash Sasidharan and relentless hard work, MrRanjith earned his doctorate in Economics.

This amazing real-life success story was shared by Kerala Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac on Facebook who went on to applaud the undying spirit of Mr Ranjith and the power of being persistent and committed. 

Mr Thomas says, "Ranjith is an inspiration and from the moment he felt he was defeated, he turned his life and achieved success. He is an inspiration and role model, we have seen the likes of former President Late K.R. Naryananan who had defeated his circumstances with extraordinary will power and attained success."

"Ranjith has used education as a tool to overcome the social and economic backwardness and climbed up the ladder of success and he is an inspiration, enabler and a role model for all the young children who seek to attain success in life and they must understand that education is a major tool for success and open newer pastures, he adds. 

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Mr Ranjith who had applied for the post of assistant professor at IIM-Ranchi last October was also offered a job in the Department of Economics at Christ University, Bangalore. Mr Ranjith said that the first thing that he wants to do was to build a home for his parents and said that many young people are forced to give up on their dreams and education due to financial hardships but he made it a point to share his story so that people suffering from similar situations can find some hope and inspiration to never give up on their dreams.

For the last two months, Ranjith has been working as an assistant professor at Christ University, Bengaluru has said: “I wanted my life to inspire youths who are struggling to find success—my success should inspire other people’s dreams. At one time, after high school, I had thought of dropping the higher education plan and finding a small-time job to support the family.”  

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