A 70-year-old has emerged as a ‘hero’ for people of Hyderabad amid the Covid 19 pandemic. At a time when even youngsters are afraid to step out, KK Srinivas Rao runs errands on his bicycle to deliver medicines, ration and other essentials to those in need.

Rao, a resident of West Marredpally in Hyderabad is a retired Air India employee. He also helps Hyderabad Relief Riders in checking whether a request is genuine or fake. “Along with delivering, Rao also helps us in verifying requests,” said cyclist Ravi Sambari.

Since April 2021, the Hyderabad Cycling Community, which consists of 135 volunteers, has been delivering medications to the doorsteps of elderly people all across the city.

Even when the daily coronavirus cases were at a peak, Rao made it a priority to respond to requests from people living six to seven kilometers away. In fact, in some cases, he even sponsored people’s requirements.

"I want to do whatever I can for society," Rao told the media.

“Whenever I go to deliver, I make it a point to check their situation and do my part,” said Rao. Revealing people have taken advantage of his service despite having a healthy adult at home, he told that “In such instances, I counsel them and urge them to meet their own requirements."

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Talking about his family, Rao told that his wife supports him entirely, though was reluctant at first. However, his children are not onboard with him on his decision.

“My children, who are presently living overseas are, however not completely supportive of my decision to go public during the pandemic.”

Rao spends over two hours daily playing table tennis and uses his bicycle to travel.

Apart from his age group, the 70-year old ‘hero’ is an inspiration to many youngsters. At an age when even walking is difficult, the 70 year old rides bicycle and is helping in the hour of need. We salute him, his courage and his kindness. With such brave heroes India will win the battle against deadly pandemic.

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