Former Punjab CM Channi takes a swipe at Rinku; makes big statement about Jalandhar elections

Former Punjab CM Charajit Channi had some strong words to say following Rinku exit from AAP and entry to BJP & about contesting the Jalandhar Lok Sabha Seat

Punjab Trending Lok Sabha Election 2024

Former Punjab CM Charanjit Channi and former MLA Rajendra Beri arrived to pay obeisance at the Dargah built near Kishanpura Chowk. There while talking to the media, said that the decision on contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Jalandhar will be taken by the high command. He said that their discussion is going on not only in Jalandhar but also in Hoshiarpur and Fatehgarh Sahib. Channi said that only the High Command will take the final decision on this.


While taking a dig at Sushil Rinku, who left Congress and joined AAP and then BJP, he said that you are responsible for your belongings. Channi said that when Congress used to call Rinku a traitor, AAP party called him a patriot. But now that Rinku has left the AAP party and joined BJP, the party people are calling him a traitor and protests are being held outside his house. 


Without taking Rinku's name, he said that out of greed he was trying to move ahead. Channi said that the one who wants to betray does it again and again. It takes your whole life to keep your image clean, you can get defamed even in a minute. Channi said that both the leaders who left the AAP party have earned notoriety and people have become disillusioned with it, calling AAP the ‘party of traitors’.


While wanting to target AAP party, he said that it is also looking for its candidate from other parties. Channi said that when a leader joins the AAP party, they clean him after washing the machine and say that he is a very good person. He said that when that person leaves the party, then they take out a procession and protest outside their houses and say that he left after betraying them. Channi has alleged that AAP is a party of traitors. Channi said, tell me who is the leader who has not left any other party and joined his party.

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