Vancouver Police have released a list of top six gangsters that can be a significant threat to public safety. The list includes four Indo-Canadian who are linked to violence. The list has the names, photos, and ages of the men.

Police have further clarified that these men on the list are not currently wanted for any crimes. However, being around them may put people in danger. These men may be targeted by rival gang members and any innocent bystander could be hurt during the attack or shooting.

“Gang violence continues to be a prominent public safety issue in Metro Vancouver. There have been numerous reckless, brazen acts of violence that threaten the safety of innocent bystanders,” VPD Chief Adam Palmer said.

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The list includes four Punjab-origin men- Barinder (38), Meninder Dhaliwal (28), Harjit (38), and Garinder Deo (35) along with Ekene Anigbo (22) and Damion Ryan (41).

“These six individuals pose a risk to the people around them because a rival gangster will likely try to target them with extreme violence. And we know these violent acts are happening brazenly in public places, in broad daylight and crowded areas,” said VPD Chief Palmer.

“I want all Vancouver residents to know the faces of these individuals and to keep their distance,” he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Constable Fiona Wilson has announced that a new task force has been formed to tackle this gang situation. She said, ” The purpose of the task force is to bring together resources and expertise from the VPD’s investigation and operations divisions for an immediate response to gang violence.”

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