Spilling the spatula of colours, glitters-shimmers, "The Nail Lounge" has a variety to offer. Simrita Uppal, the studio's creator, has made a career out of doing what she loves. 

In conversation with True Scoop news, she said "I was a commerce student and I completed my M.com degree, which is completely different from what I am doing now. 

I'm someone who goes with the flow in life." Going with the flow turned out great for Simrita and all the Nail enthusiasts in Jalandhar. With her keen interest in Nail creatives, she did a little bit of research and took it forward in a professional approach. 

She is now a successful businesswoman who is also a trained artist. She leads a staff of seven individuals and exudes a pleasant demeanour. You don't become a billionaire in a day, it takes patience, hard work and confidence in your work. 

The initial days were not a cake walk for her, it took time to build knowledge and trust among the customers. The nail fad started four years ago and was not very popular among the locals, people weren't aware that nail care is also a part of the salon regimen; just as you take care of your hair, your nails require attention as well. 

We all know the power of social media, her content soon received the heed it deserved. Teenagers who are active on social platforms now walk into her studio with their archive saved with tons of nail inspo videos. 

The trending Nail creatives is now really popular fashion and stands out among the youth. The aesthetics and lively interiors is surely instagrammable so you can just walk-in and snap-snap.
Her family has been really supportive throughout her studio journey, from scratch to the latest patch, it turned out beautifully. She looks forward to have clients who are eager for unique nail experiments apart from the glitter bridal do-over. 

She greets everyone with a warm smile and ensures that they are comfortable and relaxed before the procedure begins. She gives each client in the studio individual consideration and ensures that the final speckle is satisfactory. 

There are some locations you visit for the first time, but the host's gestures make you want to return soon; one of those places is 'The Nail Lounge' Studio.

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Here's a short glimpse of the cute interiors and nail art of the lounge!

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This article is written by Sanskrity Mishra 


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