There is no doubt that kids are a challenge and if you are a parent you know how to become an efficient caregiver as being a parent is the most rewarding experience in life. 

Kids depend on parents for their every need and you as parents show your care and love towards them by providing, serving them with all their needs. You show affection towards them and there is a special day which would give you a reason to show affection and care it’s “Global Hug Your Kids Day!”

Global Hug Your Kids Day is a day you can put your arms around your kids. The day is celebrated on the third Monday of July and the purpose of the day is simple – just to give a hug to your kids. Show them how much you love, comfort and support them, give them a hug to make them feel secure. 

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There is something more than just giving a hug to your kiddos on Global Hug Your Kids Day. You can celebrate the day by:

1) Giving a hug to your kids – It is one of the easiest ways to celebrate Global Hug Your Kids Day. 

2) Hug other kids you care about – If you don’t have kids you may give a hug to your neighbors' kids, cousins, niece, or nephew. 

3) Learn the science behind hugs – Hugs are extremely beneficial to our emotional, mental and physical health. According to the experts, a hug can boost your immune system, lower stress levels, reduce depression and promote trust. 

4) Discover your kid’s love language – Use today’s day to understand the love language of your kids. Many studies have revealed that there are “The Five Love Languages,” which are affirmation, quality, time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. 

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Why just a day to hug your kids you should give a hug to your kid every day, here are ten reasons for this – 

1) Hug is the most natural form of expressing love.

2) Researchers say that a human needs at least seven to eight hugs a day!

3) Science has proved that hugs contribute to the development of your kids. 

4) Hugs help kids grow! As per research kids who are devoid of physical contact may stop growing well.

5) Kids just don’t need nutrients, hugs are important for them too. Hugs make them smarter.

6) You can deal with your cranky child by giving them a hug. Hug releases oxytocin, the love hormone, which prevents your kid from emotional breakout. 

7) Hugs are immunity-booster!

8) Hugs make your kid more disciplined.

9) Hug can make your child happier and emotionally resilient.

10) Hugs help in binding a good bond between you and your child.  

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