Every year, National Tattoo Day is celebrated on July 17 to commemorate the history, culture and artists dedicated to this age-old art form. The art of making tattoos is called tattooing. 

Tattoos broadly fall into three categories – decorative (without any meaning), symbolic (with a specific meaning to the wearer) and pictorial (a tattoo that depicts something or someone special). 

 The tattoo has a different meaning in different cultures and the meaning has evolved with the change in time. 

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No one is aware of the history of National Tattoo Day but it is believed that the day has been observed since the year 2016. The word “tattoo” was derived from the Polynesian language for tatau, which means “to tap or to mark.” 

On this occasion, a media agency talked to Lokesh Verma, founder of Devil’s Tatooz and he said, “National Tattoo Day is a historic event for all the tattoo artists across the globe because it represents art, culture and history.”

He added, “It is a day when our art is appreciated and our work is recognized.”

He also spoke about the advancement in tattooing technology. He said, “Last year the wireless tattoo machine has been invented by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipments from Germany which eliminates a lot of clutter from the Tattoo Station like foot pedal, power supply and clip cords. This makes the machine more ergonomics for a tattoo artist.”

What is the best time to get a tattoo?

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National Tattoo Day falls in July (summers) but as per experts, one should get a tattoo in winters as during the cold weather our skin is smoother.

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