Do you like to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish your nails? Here is what you can do with your nails to enhance the beauty of your hands as well as your nails. The new trend posted by an Instagram handle is receiving a lot of reactions.

This trend is named “Handgela” which is another trend after the famous aquarium and onion nail art. This name is given to this nail art trend because it really ‘hand nail art’. This trend has been shared by the ILYSM Nails on Instagram, that involves a miniature hand on one’s fingernail.

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The hand placed above one finger has its own nail extensions and rings. The trend further has more names like, ‘Handgela’, ‘Thumbelina’ and ‘Handrew’. Many people were really amazed at this new trend popping and have received mixed reactions.

one comment read, “That thumb is creeping me out.”

“As someone named Angela, I fully support the name Handgela!”

“Creative af!!!”, “Heaven” and many more.

20 Manicure Ideas That Totally Nail '90s Nostalgia | CafeMom.comThere are some more cool trends which are really popular among people such as:

Heavy metal: You can take up any of your favourite shades of nail paint and convert it into a metallic look.  

Tinny accents: This classy look is made by using glitzy elements in smaller amounts, such as a line of rhinestone

Complimentary 3D: This texture nail art is stunning, and is especially noticeable in nude and neutral shades

Throwback Butterfly: This trend was brought back by Dua Lipa  

Nostalgia Overload: Another throwback trend from the 90s is a cute little thing

Iridescent: You can’t resist staring at this piece of trend all day long

So are you excited to try this new hand nail trend on?

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