Here's what PM Modi said in 'Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021' amidst Covid-19 grim

PM Modi said this pandemic has taught us many lessons and we all learned to accept a new life.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 7 interacted with students, parents, and teachers in the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021' program amidst the Covid-19 grim in the nation. This year, the event was held virtually and more than 13 lakh registrations were done for the same. In a first, the program went global and entries were also invited from all across the world. In the event convened by the PM, students, parents, and teachers were given a chance to discuss their fears, aspirations, concerns, and suggestions.

During his address, PM Modi said this pandemic has taught us many lessons and we all learned to accept a new life. While the coronavirus forced us to maintain social distancing, it also strengthened emotional bonding in families. 

When a teacher asked how a different approach can be used to teach a difficult subject, PM said, "successful people are not proficient in every subject but their grasp on one subject is remarkable." To exemplify, he quoted Lata Mangeshkar on how she is so perfect in her art. 

PM reiterated the fact that in this exam season, children should not be pressurised by parents, teachers, relatives, and others, so they can be stress-free to appear for exams. "Earlier, parents used to be connected with children on many subjects and were also comfortable. Nowadays, parents are indulged in children's career choices, studies, and celebrations. If parents are more involved, then they understand the interest, nature, tendency of the children and fill their shortcomings."

Instead of calling it an exam, we can call it kasauti. It means to tighten yourself however, it does not mean exam is the last chance. Rather, the exam is a perfect opportunity to tighten yourself up to live a long life in a way."

Strategizing the way of attempting the exam, PM said to start with difficult questions. He said, "We have been told by our parents and teachers that attempt questions that are easy. However, with education, this suggestion is not right. In fact, first attempt difficult things as your mind is fresh. When I was a chief minister, I also learned things. I started my day discussing difficult things."

PM Modi advised children to use their free time optimally as it is a treasure and an opportunity. It is also necessary to have free time in your daily lifestyle, else they would become robotic. Free time can be of two types, one which is pre-decided, and the other is which you get to know at the last moment. If you know your spare time beforehand, then you can ask your parents or siblings if you can help them with their chores. Or you can utilize this time to indulge in things which makes you happy."

"In my spare time, I like to sit on a jhoola (swing). When you earn your free time, then it must rejuvenate you."

Children can also try to express their thoughts in their leisure time. They can use their time to observe parents managing daily chores and can do story writing, painting on it. This will foster their creative ability and will enable them to express their thoughts in the least known manner. 

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In a piece of advice to parents. PM said stop burdening your children with your values. "It is not significant to follow same values as their parents and parents must not burden them. However, they can find a way to inculcate basic values in their upbringing."

"You must not tie your children with your thought," PM said.

Apparently, he added," Children are quite smart, it is hard to say what parents will or will not do, but there is every possibility that what you are doing, they look at it very closely and are eager to repeat it."

When a student from Kuwait asked how one can prepare for the battle of life, PM answered, try observing the things around yourself and learn from them. Dream but do not sit idle, be determined. Think of one dream that you wish to fulfill and your vision will be lucid.

PM has also shared a memory lesson when a student from Rajasthan was eager to know the trick. "Students should not think they can memorize. In fact, if you observe how you learned your mother tongue. Like you will remember your fight with your siblings. This means you were fully involved at that moment," he reverted. 

The discussion also saw an interesting question asked by a student from Ahlcon Public School that why do children forget answers when they see the question paper. Modi said to be stress-free and don't be conscious. You must leave all tension outside the exam centre. The solution to deal with tension is available in the Exam Warrior book and NaMo app. 

In lieu to end the generation gap, PM said,  "show the same interest in your child's generation's talks, you will get involved in his enjoyment, then you will see how the generation gap ends."

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