Ahead of festival season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today addressed the nation. Speaking during the address, PM Modi congratulated the country for achieving the 100 crore covid vaccination milestone and urged people to follow covid appropriate behaviour.

With the upcoming festival season, the Prime Minister urged citizens to be ‘vocal for local’ and reiterated the need to buy 'Made In India' products.


  • PM started his address at around 10 am on Friday. While commencing the address, Mr Modi congratulated India for its accomplishment of administering 1 billion covid vaccines.

"India achieved its goal of 1 billion COVID19 vaccinations on October 21st. This is a national achievement that belongs to everyone in the country. I congratulate every citizen on this achievement."

PM Modi stated, "This is not just a number; it is the beginning of a new chapter, a new India."

  • India’s vaccination drive is a par example of 'Sabka saath, sabka vikaas, sabka prayaas': PM Modi

  • Different interest groups put a lot of pressure on the government to provide them preferential vaccine treatment. The government, on the other hand, has assured that the vaccination drive, like our other programmes is unfettered of VIP culture.

  • India's critics, he claimed, have been silenced.

"A 100 crore vaccine is not a number. It reflects the country's capacity; this is a new chapter in the country's history, a country that knows how to achieve high goals."

  • "While many countries struggle with vaccine hesitancy, Indians' participation has become a weapon in the fight against the pandemic,” said PM.

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  • "World nations are still combating vaccine hesitancy," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "while similar concerns have been expressed in India." 

"However, the success of 100 crore vaccine doses demonstrates how we have overcome vaccine hesitancy. India has accomplished this great milestone thanks to its faith in science and innovation.”

  • Last year, many traders suffered significant losses as a result of the Covid-19 virus, which caused sales during Diwali to drop. However, thanks to the vaccination of 100 crore people this year, people are feeling a lot safer, and our traders can go about their business, as usual, says the Prime Minister.

  • There was a time when we would hear ‘made in this country,' ‘made in that country,' but now all Indians understand the importance of ‘Made in India': Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

"I urge all Indians to support Indian manufacturers by purchasing 'Made in India' products and spreading the message of 'Vocal for Local.'"

  • Experts in India and outside, according to the Prime Minister, are quite optimistic about India's economy. 

"Today, not only are Indian businesses receiving record investment, but new employment opportunities are also being generated for the youth," he added.

  • I encourage all Indians to make "Made in India" and "Vocal for Local" as popular as "swachch abhiyaan." We feel a sense of belief and confidence this Diwali, unlike the last: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

  • Although the country has vaccinated over 100 crore people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi insisted that everyone continue to wear masks and follow all Covid-19 protocols. He also asked individuals who had not yet received the vaccine to do so as soon as possible.

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