Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau returned to power after a close race against a rookie conservative leader. Even though he failed to obtain a majority government, his upbeat victory speech showed no disappointment.
Thanking Canada, Trudeau said, “You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get Canada through this pandemic, and to the brighter days ahead. My friends, that’s exactly what we are ready to do.”
Trudeau's party won an approximately identical number of seats in this election as in the previous one, indicating that the Liberals failed to change their minority government into a clear majority.
In his speech, Trudeau thanked his family, candidates, staffers, volunteers, and supporters for their contribution to the campaign.
Speech Highlights

  • “You have given this parliament and this government a clear direction,” he said.
  • He quoted previous Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier on overcoming adversity together, embracing "the warmth of a new dawn," and seizing "the promise of a brand new day."

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  • Adding that “Canadians have chosen a progressive plan,” he said, “I see Canadians standing together. Together, in determination to end this pandemic. Together for real climate action, for $10-a-day child care, for homes that are … for middle-class families."
  • “We hear you when you say you want more childcare spots and a stronger healthcare system, as well as affordable housing and decent green jobs,” said PM Justin Trudeau adding, “we will continue to strive for reconciliation and investments for the middle class and all those striving to be a part of it.”
  • Giving regards to the leaders of the other parties and their families, Trudeau said, “Political life isn't easy. This is a path you choose because you believe in serving those around you. Thank you for your service.”
  • “This election has proven that our democracy and institutions are still strong.”
  • “There is no higher privilege than to serve you and this country,” he said.

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