Now, State Bank of India (SBI) customers can get a copy of their Home Loan Interest Certificate sitting at home. Online SBI or SBI Quick are two platforms through which SBI customers can download the certificate easily, customers now don’t have to visit the nearby SBI branch. 

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Recently SBI took to Twitter to share the information and said, “Do you want a copy of your Home Loan Interest Certificate? You can download the certificate easily by using Online SBI or SBI Quick. Enjoy our online services from the comfort of your home. Stay home, stay safe.” 

What is Home Loan Certificate?

The home loan certificate is a statement of the home loan account. The details related to this certificate would be given by banks, which have granted you the loan. The certificate helps a borrower to claim for the income tax deductions. 

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Here’s how to download the SBI Home Loan Certificate:

1.) You may visit the official website – and then click on ‘Login’ to sign in to your account. 

2.) After signing in you should go to the ‘Personal Banking’ section, and then select the ‘Home Loan Interest Certificate (Prov),’ which is linked under the ‘Enquiry’ tab.

3.) Now you have to select the amount for which you want to download your Home Loan Interest Certificate. 

4.) From the next page, you can view, print and download your home loan interest certificate. 

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