What do you usually prefer eating on a hot summer day? Well, most people like vanishing their hunger as well as thirst by eating ice creams and what do you think is an ice cream will cost you hardly anything right? Well, these are some basic questions that a person asks while thinking of ice creams, but have you ever wondered about the world’s most expensive ice cream?

Here, the world's most expensive ice cream costs Rs. 60,000 and is named ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream which is available at Scoopi cafe, located at Jumeirah Road in Dubai. 

So what makes this ice cream so expensive? This ice cream is no ordinary ice cream, Black Diamond ice cream is made up of fresh vanilla beans and it has 23-carat edible gold along with fresh saffron and black truffles.

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This ice cream is served in a Versace bowl at this cafe. 

Shenaz Treasury, who is a travel blogger and an actor, went on a recent trip to Dubai and there she stumbled upon this amazing and fresh flavour. 

She had shared the video of the cafe as well as of the ice cream which she captioned as, “What is the one thing money can't buy???? 60,000 rupees for ice cream!!!! Eating GOLD  

Only in Dubai. World's most expensive ice cream Was it tasty? Hmm, it was interesting.

And yes of course they gave it to me for free hahaha

#uniquetravels #goldicecream #dubai #travelwithshenaz #blackdiamond”                                                                    

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This video has gone viral and has over one lakh views. This viral video has been flooded with interesting comments such as:

One wrote, “Planning a Dubai trip is easy than planning to eat this“,

Another wrote, “I can visit 4 times to spiti in 60000 rs which will feed my soul with peace and happiness... “

Another follower commented, “I can buy the whole shop here in 60 thousand INR.”

And many others followed. 


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