Over the world, people love junk food it is defined as sugars, high fats, oils, low in nutrition content or something which is not good for health but the most likely definition of junk food is something that is delicious. Junk food is really famous among people all over the world. But nowadays life of people is revolving around diet plans, fresh green vegetables, Fruit diets, fruit juice diets, banana and milk diets, high protein diets, chia seed infused water, salads, Vegan food, sugarless snacks, low-fat foods, organic foods, fortified foods, innumerable ranges of organic vitamins, supplements etc.

People usually award obesity, cardiac diseases, tumor, diabetes, and many others as the cause of junk foods. But on this Junk Food Day, let’s see the positive impacts that can let you consume these delicious treats without any guilt in your heart. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) encourages the idea of eating certain foods in moderation, which means that it can be that some bad foods are good and some good ones are bad. Don’t forget that junk foods have some nutritional value too!

The Supreme Plate: National Junk Food Day

So let’s discuss which type of nutrients is present in junk food. The most common junk foods that people usually consume while a regular day are cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, ice cream, puddings, sugar candies, potato chips, and tortilla chips.

Junk foods are only harmful if they are not consumed in the right manner or are eaten too much. What people do is forget about the nutritional value that is contained in junk foods. As Tufts University Health & Nutrition’s scholarly journal article “Junk food, or junky food choices?” it was stated, for every bit of junk food one eats there is a small number of nutrients that are consumed with the junk food. For example, vitamins A, B6, Bi2, C, folate, calcium, protein, and iron. These important nutrition elements are actually in junk food, which is actually considered harmful.

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Are vitamins A, B6, Bi2, C, folate, calcium, protein, and iron really significant in the life of a person? The heart Stroke Foundation’s nutrition chart has shown that these nutrients make a lot part of the human body. Vitamin A helps the body decrease the risk of getting cancer, it normalizes the blood sugar, prevents asthma, and it also helps construct healthier skin and hair. Vitamin B2 and B6 both help the body convert food into energy which is something the body uses, metabolizes fats and protein, and the most important is that these nutrients also help the nervous system to work efficiently. Vitamin C provides protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health issues, eye diseases, and even skin wrinkling.

7 Scary Junk Food Side Effects | Eat This Not That

The main key component of red blood cells in the human body is Folate itself which is present in junk foods; this nutrient prevents cancer, thwarting heart disease, and also prevents brain aging. Another important ingredient is common in junk food. It can make your bones and teeth strong, without it your bones. Junk foods also contain proteins that help in repairing our damaged tissues; without protein, if bones and muscles are damaged, they won’t heal. The most important nutrient present in junk food is iron; it is present in the red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the whole body. Without it, one can die. That’s why junk food is a popular kind of source and is a good way to gain nutrients.

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Workers usually like having junk food because it is cheap and economic, besides that it is a perfect way to socialize with friends and also provides more time to consume. The most important reason why people eat junk food is because of its taste.

Junk Food Day – Fun Holiday

Is eating junk food really harmful?

The most popular diets people follow nowadays are, “Juicing” and “Paleo Diet”, but do you think it is the right way to consume food? Well, eating vegetables and fruits sound perfectly good, and no problem seems to be there in it then what’s wrong with it?

In a research, it was stated that juicing vegetables and fruits causes lose of all the fibers and all the good nutrition which is present in the vegetables as well as fruit. After the loss of all the good contents, the cup of juice has only a small amount of protein, and it has a high glycemic load, which means that what people consume contains more calories than a burger, which will eventually cause a gain in weight instead of losing.  This diet also has many side effects like feeling weak, irritable, and exhausted, hence causing serious health problems.

 Skipping of meals and buying manufactured juice for the diet, kills the purpose of the diet. Since these manufactured juices do not contain a sufficient amount of good nutrition inside and only contain sugar, it will only make an individual fatter.

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Talking of the second most famous Paleo diet which was followed by the ancestors and basically involved food like fish, meat, poultry, seeds, vegetables, dairy products, whole grain, and fruits, which is everything except most important ones. The missing components are fiber, iron, vitamin B and D, calcium. This type of diet will be a reason behind tiredness, unhealthy amount of fat and will also cause a risk of cardiac problems.

Even for junk food: if people make junk food their only meal then surely they will get more and more obese which will eventually convert junk food from a healthy nutritious food to a harmful food item. 

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