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COVID-19 is a reality that is incapable of any preferential treatment to anyone. Fans of spectator sports like cricket want what they want and will not have no for an answer, no matter the pandemic. To enable sports competitions to continue, an isolation regime with extensive testing and severe punishments called bio-bubble has been devised.

This routine not only permits a successful completion of the sporting event while securing the health of players and all the staff involved, but also expresses solidarity with the immense ordeal that every person in the world is going through.

A bio-bubble may mislead into thinking that a physical bubble like the ones seen in dystopian movies is created. However, there is nothing like that and sanctity of the health is maintained via clearly-spelt out rules and having severe monetary and otherwise punishments.

The rules are not arbitrary and consulting by health companies is utilized in coming up with the rules. In addition, in the spirit of ‘trust but verify’, wearable technology will be implemented. To counter the possibility of any player or supporting staff being asymptomatic at the time of beginning of the tournaments, the testing is extensive in the initial days.

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Now, considering the health effects and the agony that befalls on someone and their family who gets afflicted with COVID-19, one would believe that no player or staff would dare break any of the rules, either intentionally or by mistake. Since our enemy, the virus, is invisible thus we should not make the mistake of getting lax.

 In Indian Premier League (IPL) tournaments, one player has broken the record by being the first person to break the sanctity of bio-bubble. The player belongs to Chennai Super Kings and hails from Kerala. KM Asif claims to have misplaced his room key, and thus went ahead to his hotel’s reception. As per the rules of bio-bubble, reception area of hotels is out-of-bounds for the players. KM Asif did not handle the situation properly and instead of getting the minor situation resolved via personnel designated to reception areas, he went to the reception himself and broke his bio-bubble.

The authorities have zero tolerance to any breaches of the code of conduct in this regard and even though they are sympathetic that this must have been an unintentional mistake, but the rules will be upheld. The punishment is six days of quarantine. The player has undergone the same, came out negative on the COVID-19 tests, and is now participating as decided in the tournaments.

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