IT, ITES, or SW professional in India? Foreign shores are calling you

Leave Covid fear behind you if you work in Information Technology (IT), Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), or Software

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India’s IT industry

India is a proud contributor in the global IT industry. We are talking about companies whose valuations run into upwards of Rs 10 lakh crore, companies which individually employ lakhs of individuals.

The Indian IT companies provide livelihood to more than 40 lakh people directly involved in information technology at all levels of skill.

Perks of being employed in a big IT company

A large company in the field of IT, ITES, or SW often has offices in metro cities on India.

Also, these companies recruit talent from colleges and universities all over the nation.

Thus, this means a vibrant lifestyle in big cities with all the perks that come in a tier 1 city like independence, night life, potential of an active and engaging social life, along with friends from all parts of the nation.

There is one more perk also, and for that we need to set our eyes beyond our national borders.


Off-shore posting in the context of Indians working in big companies means a life-changing opportunity to work for the company in a nation other than India.

Most often, these countries are US,Canada, UK, and Australia.

Thus, these jobs, besides providing a lucrative employment, open up a possibility of legally serving in a developed nation.

What’s more is the possibility of Permanent Residency or Green Card. And taking family along may be an option too.

The company of the individual provides help in managing the paperwork, and the same is not complicated and ready resources are available online if any guidance is required.

But what about Covid?

Yes, it is true that the pandemic has upended the lives of millions of people, families, and businesses.

However, did you notice the steep rise in online services once most of the world was forced into their homes.

We all have experienced the importance of apps, software, and internet access.

Now, these apps, websites, and software need to be developed and maintained, right?

And who does this? Intelligent men and women – knowledge workers - like you who have chosen IT and related industries as their life’s calling.

IT workers are valuable

To honour the time, skill, and dedication of IT workers, most of the big companies in India gave all their staff pay raises in addition to other financial perks.

These industries are evergreen given the non-stop advancements in technology.

Simply put, IT workers will not have to worry about putting food on their table.

Foreign lands are calling

Let us take a look at the career options, vacancies, job opportunities that are open in the foreign lands.


This company has maximum requirement in the field of software development, and then customer service, and sales. Fewer individuals are required in the domain of architecture, management. The least number of openings for this company are in insurance, operations and helpdesk, and banking and finance.

The jobs in this company can be explored at


This company requires people in the role of Specialist, Senior Specialist, SAP, Admin, Business Analyst, CRM, Java, Project Lead, and others.

The jobs in this company can be explored at


The company has categorised its vacancies into four categories – Infrastructure Services, IT Application Services, Business Process Services, and Support Functions.

The vacancies include Subject Matter Expert (Oracle Access Manager), PAM Engineer, Infrastructure Services Manager, Cloud Architect – Terraform Scripting Engineer – GCP,

The jobs in this company can be explored at


This company is looking for talent in Scrum Master, Android, Java, Angular, SAP, React, .NET, Salesforce, Azure, and others.

The jobs of this company can be explored at!/joblist


This company is looking for individuals with skills in BPM, ERP, Integration, Business Analyst, Capital Market Project Manager, Big Data, Java, and others.

The jobs of this company can be explored at

Coforge (formerly NIIT)

The company is looking for individuals skilled in Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, Business Analyst in various levels of expertise.

The jobs for this company can be explored at


For any reason, the company is not looking for talent at the time of writing.

The jobs for this company can be explored at


The company is looking for talent in ETL, System Monitoring, Oracle Developer, SAP, SNOW Developer, Tester, Oracle HCM Cloud Time, Oracle PPM Cloud, Cybersecurity, Salesforce, Mulesoft, Motion Graphics, and others.

The jobs for this company can be explored at


The company has jobs available in the categories of Business Processes, Consulting, Corporate, Delivery Management, Digital, Sales and Marketing, and Technology and Engineering.

It is the last category that has the most number of vacancies. In this category, the company is looking for Infrastructure Engineer, Salesforce, Business Analyst, Java, GCP, Bigdata, Test Analyst, TOSCA Automation, Mainframe, and others.

The jobs for this company can be explored at


As we can see, for a knowledge worker, the possibilities of survival and growth are endless.

The world is becoming more and more technically advanced and who will develop and maintain the technology on which we people are becoming dependent? Knowledge workers like you.

So, increase the flame of your fire, and explore what options the foreign lands provide to you.