Jalandhar: When cops found a novel way to extract Covid Tax

‘Pay Rs 500 and no one will stop you on the way’, said an ASI in Jalandhar while imposing fine on a passenger

You must have heard cops imposing Covid-appropriate behavior and challaning people who are not wearing mask or not following Covid norms.

But in Jalandhar, cops have gone too far to collect Covid tax. Even when you are without seat belt, you can be told to pay Covid tax.

And reason given to you is: For not wearing seat belt, you will pay Rs 1,000, but here you just need to pay Rs 500.

This case came to light here when an Assistant Sub Inspector in Jalandhar was caught on camera imposing fine on passengers and saying ‘500 ki parchi katwa lo, fir raste mein koi nahi rokega’, (pay Rs 500 and no one will stop you on your way).

As per information, Gurpreet Singh, who was coming to Jalandhar from Sultanpur Lodhi for his brother's treatment, was stopped at Guru Amardas Chowk. The inspector then asked Gurpreet a few questions like where he is coming from and then issued a challan saying that the passenger on the backseat is not wearing a seat belt.

However, the receipt of the challan was not of seatbelt violation rather it was the receipt for violating covid19 norms and not wearing a mask.

Gurpreet claimed that everyone inside the car was wearing a mask and seatbelt. His brother who has a foot injury was relaxing in the backseat. However, the police alleged that the passenger in the backseat was not wearing a seat belt and thus fined them.

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Meanwhile, when he questioned about the receipt, the policeman said “For not wearing a seatbelt you have to pay the fine of Rs 1000. And later, you have to go to the RTA office and court. Therefore, just pay Rs 500 and no one will stop you on your way”.

The Police also fined Gurpeet for violation of social distancing, but the Punjab government has lifted such Covid restrictions for personal vehicles.

Despite repeated attempts the ASI in question could not be contacted.


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