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Telecom operator Reliance Jio has announced that it is going to build two new international submarine cable systems that are both centred to India. The international submarine cables will be constructed with global partners and submarine cable supplier Subcom to cater to the increased data demand.

The planned submarine cables are called India- Asia-Xpress (IAX) that will connect India with Asia Pacific markets through Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, and the other one is named India-Europe-Xpress (IEX) that will connect India to Italy, the middle east and north Africa region.

During the announcement, Reliance Jio President Mathew Oommen said, “To meet the demands of Streaming Video, Remote Workforce, 5G, IoT, and beyond, Jio is taking a leadership role in the construction of the first of its kind, India centric IAX and IEX subsea systems.”

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The company is hopeful that the project will be completed by 2024 and big cities of India will be able to connect directly to big cities of Europe. An internet speed of up to 200Tbps is expected.

What is 5G and what changes will it bring

The fifth generation of mobile internet, i.e, 5G will provide a much higher internet speed than 4G.

Earlier, Airtel did a 5G trial in Hyderabad and claimed 10 times higher speed than 4G. According to experts, 5G speed can be up to 1Gbps. This means it will take just one second to download one GB of data.

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With the change in speed, the ways of using the internet will also change. One would be able to connect smart devices from home with smartphones like fridges, washing machines, AC to TV. All the devices one uses will synchronize and work together. With this change, there will also be a change in the economy, e-commerce, health, farming, education and shopping.

5G in India

The work on 5G is going on for a long time and this year on May 4 government has allowed 5G trails. Also, after the dispute on the Indo-China border, Chinese company Huawei has been denied interference in 5G trials in India.

Earlier, Airtel conducted 5G trials in Hyderbad and reported the speed 10 times higher than 4G. After the trial, the company has claimed that it is all set to launch 5G. Airtel would be the first company in India to do so. Airtel is also preparing to conduct similar trials in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

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