If there's one thing that the Jonas Brothers are known for apart from their music, it's certainly their quality to make the headlines for the strangest of reasons, and this time, it's because the trio, Nick, Kevin, and Joe decided to willingly take on the task of becoming the butt of the joke, of course, also because Netflix probably paid them big bucks for it by starring in a roast special. In a first-ever family roast for the streaming platform, Kevin, Joe and Nick got themselves "roasted" not only at the hands of comedians such as Lily Singh, Pete Davidson, Jack Whitehall and more but also their stunning wives Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Jo Bros family roast was hosted by Saturday Night Live regular Kenan Thompson who kicked off the show with a hilarious introduction to the famed band who went on from becoming teen sensations to eventually disbanding in 2013 and then getting back together two years ago, a story we bet their fans are well-versed with and possibly the only ones who care. I have to hand it to Thompson though for describing the Jonas Brothers with hilarious tags as he welcomed them on stage with an introduction that said, "loneliest Jonas" for Kevin.

For someone who has binged on the Comedy Central roasts of Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin, James Franco, and more, there was something amiss with the Jonas Brothers Family Roast and it was probably that the jokes remained on the surface and nothing rib-tickling enough to get you to fall off of your seat. The humour at certain points even got repetitive enough like the jokes about Nick's narcissistic personality or Kevin's ignored stardom. Surprisingly, it wasn't the comedians though who got me laughing the hardest but it was the Jonas Brothers' wives whose wicked humour as they trolled their husbands that made my day. 

Priyanka Chopra could easily add another feather to her already full hat of achievements with her first-ever comic act as she took on the job of roasting her husband Nick and his brothers whose names she "can't remember" during the funny segment. From cracking a joke about her ten-year age gap with Nick by comparing their marriage to "babysitting" to mocking him and his brothers' global popularity that's certainly still low compared to her, Chopra confidently called herself the "most famous Jonas." Although the highlight of her segment was a pregnancy joke that certainly got Nick Jonas all sweaty and scared. Her fellow J-sisters, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas were no less when it came to poking fun at their musician husbands. Sophie's dig at husband Joe's exes was certainly a winner and while Danielle didn't deliver the jokes herself, her burn about Kevin and her daughters being unaware of their father's stardom managed to get big laughs.

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For the final bit, the brothers picked on each other by poking fun at their childhood, careers, and even disbandment with some sassy burns.  All in all, while the Jonas Brothers Family Roast may not have been the funniest thing to watch online, it's certainly not the worst either.

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