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The Kapurthala DC Deepti Uppal ordered a ban on the sale of Paracetamol and related brands; and Azithromycin and related brands to any customer who is not in possession of a doctor’s prescription for these medicines.

The official order by the authorities claims that it came to their notice that many individuals who are COVID positive were taking the above mentioned medicines on their own.

This self-medication after some time ruined the health of the people to the extent that they have to be admitted to a hospital.

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Further, the order observes that while the time the people are consuming these medicines and their symptoms are suppressed, they pose a risk of COVID infection to everyone they come in contact with.

This order stands implemented indefinitely.

It bears repeating, that the purchase of these medicines if prescribed by a doctor will not be hindered by this order. Only the self-medicating individuals will be thwarted by this order.

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