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It’s a New Year and time for the new resolutions! Many of us have thought of losing some pounds this year. Losing weight is surely a big task and needs a lot of determination as well as hard work. But if someone brings some scientifically-backed tips to lose weight quickly and safely then it will be certainly, the icing on the cake. 

If you are looking at the tips to start your weight loss journey without changing your diet, exercise habit and just bringing some minor changes in your lifestyle, have a look at the below-mentioned ones:- 

1.) Avoid Sugary Stuff: Most of us love sugar but a few of us know that it is termed as “slow poison”. If you want to lose weight, you have to introduce just a minor change in your eating habits – cut down on sugar and other sweet items. 

Items such as donuts, chocolates, cakes, ice creams, and others contain unsaturated fats which increase weight in no time. According to health experts, substituting healthy alternatives for favourite foods and drinks that have the same impact is the best possible way to eliminate sugar slowly but effectively.

2.) Fix your eating timetable: Just focusing on the eating timing can be really helpful in weight loss. It is important to maintain a food schedule for a healthy and fit body. According to the experts, this eating habit will directly or indirectly influence the food one eats. 

3.) Include Fibre-rich food in your diet: The most efficient way to reduce weight is by adding more fibre in your diet as a high-fibre diet will help you feel fuller for a long time. In addition to aiding digestion, fibre has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and colon cancer.

Here’s a list of food items that are typically high in fibre:- 
a.) Beans
b.) Broccoli
c.) Berries
d.) Avocado
e.) Pop-corn
f.) Whole grains
g.) Apple
h.) Dried fruits
i.) Potatoes
j.) Nuts

4.) Avoid eating junk, Cook more meals at home: According to the studies, people who eat home-cooked food are healthier, this is because restaurant meals include more salt, saturated fats, and calories than home-cooked meals. Home-cooked is more likely to utilize fresh products and allows consumers to integrate more veggies and natural components into their diet. 

5.) Have a proper sleep schedule: If you’re the one who is looking to lose weight without proper exercise and dieting, ‘learning to fix the sleep schedule’ must be your top-most priority. Clinical director, Hussain Abdeh suggested that “longer and better-quality sleep will help to keep your hunger hormones in balance. Not only that you will be more inclined to exercise regularly because you’ll have the energy to do so.”

To ease your weight-loss journey, we interacted with Dr Divya Kalra, dietician and nutritionist. She shared some more tips which will certainly help you to lose some pounds. 

Early morning tip: Have warm water, with cumin/cinnamon/Fenugreek/fennel as they will improve your digestive fire. 

Tip 1: Healthy fats are the new normal! Include soaked nuts, Desi ghee or extra virgin coconut oil in the first meal in the morning. 
P.S. They do not raise your blood sugar levels!

Tip 2: Your breakfast should include proteins like quinoa, eggs, besan cheela, poha with peanuts or, paneer stuffed ragi dosa.

Tip 3: Include fruits, salads, buttermilk, Coconut water or herbal teas in your mid-meal.

Tip 4: Your lunch should include healthy and complex carbohydrates like millets roti, brown or red rice, veggies, dal, fish, chicken, or tofu curry.
P.S. To avoid sugar cravings post-lunch chew fennel seeds or cardamom.

Tip 5: Keep dinner the lightest meal of your day. You may have sautéed veggies, soup, porridge (daliya) or khichdi in your last meal of the day.
P.S. Do not consume salt after 7:00 pm and do not skip dinner. 

Bedtime tip: chamomile tea

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