Lucifer Season 5B: When Tom Ellis called the show a ‘reverse Beauty and The Beast’

Lucifer is back with Season 5 Part 2 and you can binge-watch it on Netflix.

When the show stars are asked to describe their show, the answer is usually funny and interesting. Likewise, when Tom Ellis, playing the almighty Lucifer in the show titled ‘Lucifer’ was asked a similar question, his answer also engaged fans in many ways.

In 2018, Tom Ellis did an interview with Tom Welling for Fox’s Off the Script series. The two were asked about various aspects of the show and what they thought of each other, other cast members and of course the show itself.

When Ellis was asked what he thinks about the show, he said that he believes the show is very much the reverse of Beauty and the Beast. Further, he explained, he is not saying that Lucifer is beauty in the show and Chloe is beast. But, he meant that Chloe had seen the prince first and then the beast that was hidden inside Lucifer.

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Lucifer is back with Season 5 Part 2 and you can binge-watch it on Netflix. The show took much more time to return than anticipated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Ellis has made people fall in love with a character that is usually dark and vile. The show is a combination of crime and supernatural genres, but, with a hint of fun. The storyline of the show is light and funny, and adequately serious and intense when required.

The story starts with Lucifer being an arrogant and self-obsessed character but changes to a caring and loving person that can fight against the entire world for the ones he loves.

In the last season, we saw God deciding to leave his throne. The best person for the job would be Amenadiel but he takes a step back to look after his son Charlie. The choice comes down to Lucifer and his twin Michael. Now both of them have to fight to the end for their father’s throne.

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