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To stop the spread of deadly Coronavirus, it is really important to wear masks. Masks protect you from the infection to enter your body. But the question here is, is the mask you are wearing actually providing you protection or not?

The number of Covid cases is rapidly increasing. To control the spread the health officials are advising people to wear masks and do time to time sanitation.

There are different types of masks available in the market. But, according to the studies the most effective one is N95 that protect us from the infection for the longest time period.

But, Is the N95 masks that we are wearing, actually the real N95 masks? N95 are quite expensive than the other masks. People are also using homemade masks, cotton masks and surgical masks. N95 are the most preferred and most suggested masks to safeguard ourselves from Covid.

To identify whether your make is real or fake you can check the name of the mask brand in CDC index. The trademark must be printed on the mask. In the CDC index you would know that either NOISH approved the masks brand or not. Duplicate masks do not have any certified company’s logo on it. The spelling of NOISH must be wrong on it. They are cheaper than the original masks.

N95 masks are made in such a way that no airborne particles can enters the body and spread the infection. It prevents 95% of the articles to enter your body. There are four types of N95 masks. First one is a normal N95 mask which is for daily use and once it get dirty it can’t be used again. Second is washable N95 mask, this mask is reusable. Third is mask for children which can’t be washed. Fourth type of mask is washable N95 mask for children.

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