Gummi worm day is celebrated every year on July 15, and these gelatine candies are created by a German company named Trolli so to celebrate the company’s success this day is celebrated. These candies are green and red in colours, and flavours are sweet and sour. These worm candies are basically inspired by original gummy candy, gummy bears. These creepy treats include gummy snakes, peaches and gumdrops to name a few. Gummi Worm Day celebrates these stretchy, stringy, gummy and delicious treats.

Why is Gummi Worm Day celebrated?

To know the answer, firstly you need to take a look at Gummy bears were originally made by the Haribo Company in 1920. These candies have varied varieties of fruit flavours and were made for both children as well as adults. The secret ingredient behind these candies is gelatine which helps the candy to get its shape. To add flavours, the company added sugar and citric acid.

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In the beginning, no other shape was capable enough to take the types as well as shapes of the Gummy bears, but here comes a twist, the Trolli Company, a US brand made Gummy Worms. People started loving Gummy Worms were fun to eat and could be added to deserts so that the deserts get converted to creative desserts.

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After the success of Gummy Worms, the US brand introduced the new form of Gummy candies, Roadkill. After which they created Gummy chicken, squirrels and snakes. Till then Krafts foods had purchased Trolli Company and they had to take down the Gummy Worms due to consumer products. Gummy Worm day was organized to celebrate the fellow confectionary monarch to the Bears and to the US-based company.

How can you celebrate Gummy Worm Day?

1. Go out take a look at the different varieties of flavours, textures and colours, find your favourite Gummy worm.

2. If you wish to be a bit creative, you can cook a delicious food cake which contains Gummy Worms which stick out of them.

3. You can use Gummy bears and prepare alcoholic drinks in small aquariums, these worms will add a sweet tang and soak up the alcohol, not only keeping up a good quality of taste and also killing the heat.

4. Share these delicious candies with your friends or neighbours in a bag, they don’t cost so much so why not use them to make people happy and special.

5. You can even create this gelatine candy by your own self. All you need is corn syrup, sugar, cold water, food colouring and juices, which gives a delightful feeling to your tongue.

6. You can also create Gummi worm cookies and barks.

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Gummy Worm Ice Cubes

Some facts about the Gummy Worm sizes:

1. These biggest worm whopper is of 4000 calories, 26 inches long, 5 inches around, weighs 3 lbs.

2. Someone used geometry to calculate the whopper’s mass that is 128 regular worms.

3. Talking of the flavours, there are 12 fruity flavours: Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple, and Lemon.

4. The world’s largest gummy worm grew up to 7 foot, 26 lb, 36720 calorie snakes that take $150 bite out of budget.

5. A basic worm is 2 inches long.

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