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One of the most admired and loved Prime Ministers in the world, a woman, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand has finally found time to complete wedding vows with her fiancé Clarke Gayford.

However, the suspense is still on as even though they have “finally got a date” for the wedding but we are not made privy to it yet.

Also, the couple has not yet officially extended invitations to anyone, but they think they “should probably put some invites out.”

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Clarke and Jacinda got engaged in Easter holidays in 2019 and they have a two-year old daughter. It is befitting for a powerful woman to have been blessed by a daughter.

Jacinda, just 40 years young, somehow feels herself “a bit too old” and may decide to not go for a traditional wedding. It appears that she might even skip on the pride and joy of every bride-to-be, a bridal party.

This announcement builds upon an earlier statement by Jacinda in November last year.

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As the world wishes the power couple a beautiful married life together, the world also will remember Jacinda as the woman who single-handedly beat COVID’s first wave par excellence.

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