NHS Hospital starts another green initiative, will present saplings to discharged Covid patients

Team NHS encourages all to plant more and more trees.

In the recent shortage of oxygen all over the country in this pandemic of COVID-19, where hospitals and doctors are finding it difficult to treat the increasing number of Covid patients, NHS Hospital, Jalandhar has started another public service initiative. 

Every patient being discharged from the hospital’s Covid unit will be presented with a sapling and their families will be encouraged to plant at least 12 trees this year as a give back to mother nature.

One Covid patient on an average in the hospital in a week consumes 80,640 L of oxygen and a level three patient can consume up to 1,44,000 L of oxygen. Trees make this FREE for us and 80,640 L of oxygen is equivalent to what just 6 trees make in one week.

The directors of NHS Hospital commented that if each one of us plants one tree a month and takes care of that as a payback to mother nature, then once we tide over this current crisis and pandemic, at least in the future the next generation will not have to see such difficult times.

The Civil Surgeon, Jalandhar, Dr Balwant Singh and the District health and family planning officer Dr Raman Gupta kickstarted the project by presenting saplings to the patients getting discharged today from NHS hospital.

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NHS Hospital is considered to be India’s second platinum grade Green building hospital and has done many green initiatives since its inception.

Team NHS encourages all to plant more and more trees.

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