The Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate today criticised former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh over his furious comments on Punjab PCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu and party leadership.
Slamming Capt, Shrinate said “there is no space for anger in politics” and if Capt Amarinder wants to leave the party he can.
Soon after Ms Shrinate’s press briefing, Capt Amarinder replied and said, “Yes, there's no space for anger in politics. But is there space for humiliation & insult in a grand old party like Congress? ​If a senior party leader like me can be treated like this, I wonder what the workers must go through!"

On Wednesday, former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh had lashed out on his arch-rival Sidhu and his allies. He warned party high command over Sidhu’s leadership and said, “If Sidhu behaves as super CM, Punjab Congress won't function. Under this drama master’s leadership, it would be a big thing if the party manages to touch double digits in Punjab polls.”

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Amrinder Singh had firmly remarked that he would sacrifice anything to oppose Sidhu’s elevation as CM, claiming he is “dangerous for state and the nation.”
Slamming Capt on his remarks, spokesperson Shrinate said, “old people ofter get enraged. We respect Amarinder Singh, his age and experience. However, there is no space for hatred and anger in politics.”

She added that “Congress kept Amarinder Singh as Chief Minister for nine-long years and he should respect that.”
Meanwhile, party leader Sandeep Dikshit also took a jibe at Capt and said, ‘just months ago Amarinder Singh was buttering up the party leaders. However, as soon as he was removed from his chair of CM, he got furious and called Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi “inexperienced.”
In a thread of tweets, Capt Amarinder Singh on Wednesday said, “Priyanka Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi are like my children…this should not have ended like this. I'm hurt. Fact is the Gandhi siblings are inexperienced & their advisors are clearly misguiding them.”

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