Ola Electric Scooter Launched in India today, here's everything you need to know

The first electric scooter has been launched by Ola Electrics, and the company has launched its first-ever scooter – Ola S1 and S1 Pro Electric Scooter.

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On Sunday, Ola electrics launched its first electric scooter at a launch event. The electric scooter would be called Ola S1 electric scooter and the higher variant would be called Ola S1 Pro. 

The event was started with talks related to the environment and climatic change. Head of Ola Electrics further informed about the manufacturing plant, which would be the biggest two-wheeler manufacturing plant in the world. The manufacturing would be led by India. 

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Ola Electric Scooter: Color 

Ola electric scooter would be available in the market in 10 color variants. Scooters would be available in many color options, from red to black to white.

Ola Electric Scooter: Charging

The electric scooter would be charged up to 50 percent in just 18 minutes with Ola fast charger and it would take around 6 hours to charge up to 100 percent from a regular home charger. The Ola S1 Electric Scooter will come with an 8.5 kW motor which will be connected to a 3.92 kWh battery and would come with a 750W portable charger.

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Ola Electric Scooter: Capacity

The Scooter comes with a large boot space. It can store at least two helmets under the seat. 

Ola Electric Scooter: Price

Ola S1 Electric Scooter would be available at the price of Rs 99,999 and the higher variant would be available at Rs 1,29,999. These prices would differ from state to state. Here is the price in some states: Maharashtra: S1 – 94,999 and S1 Pro – 1,24,999; Delhi: S1 – 85,099 and S1 Pro – 1,10,149; and Rajasthan: S1 – 89,968 and S1 Pro – 1,19,138. 

Ola Electric Scooter: Launch Date

It is expected that the Ola S1 electric scooter will be available for purchase from September 8, 2021, onwards and the deliveries of the scooter will begin from October 2021.

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Ola Electric Scooter: Features 

  • The scooter would be unlocked through three ways – your smartphone, touchscreen, and moving closure. 
  • One of the amazing features is the “Proximity Sensor.” The scooter would say “HI” when the user would come closer to it and would say “BYE” when the user would leave it.
  • Ola S1 Electric Scooter comes with a convenient feature, it includes the “Cruise Control” which will maintain the set speed be it uphill or downhill. 
  • The scooter includes the “Reverse Gear” which would make parking easier.
  • It would include “Hill Hold Assist (HHA)” which would hold the scooter in place, when stopped, on a steep slope. 
  • The scooter would have three riding modes – Hyper, Sport and Normal. There is a unique sound system installed in the scooter due to which the scooter would change its sound depending upon the riding mode. 
  • The scooter comes with a 7-inch “Touchscreen” which would be installed in place of the analog cluster. The touchscreen would come with a variety of themes and would be customizable. 
  • The scooter comes with an in-built music player which would also allow the user to take phone calls. 
  • The scooter comes with 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The instrument cluster comes with 3 GB of RAM and is powered by an Octa-Core processor.