Sources informed that Punjab’s most wanted gangster Jaipal Bhullar turned from gangster to drug smuggler and was directly involved in narco terrorism in which Pakistani agency ISI supplied modern weapons and enabled heroin smuggling.

Not only was he involved with Pakistani smugglers but also from those of other nations. Sources informed that along with Bhullar operated with 17 accomplices, and the latter have already escaped to other nations and they will be pursued.

Sources informed that the weapons were latest e.g. a sniper rifle with telescopic sight, and that some of his weapons were in Tarn Taran.

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It is believed that the killed gangster-turned-narco-terrorist had contacts with people who were imprisoned in various prisons, and with coordination with them, he was running his activities.

Sources informed, for instance, that a big smuggler named Chandu is rumoured to be held in Firozpur prison and was a partner of Bhullar in cross-border drugs trade.

Bhullar had become a very big part of drug syndicate in Punjab and was believed to be making a bank from the drugs operations.

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Interestingly, he did not use mobile phone, yet his operations were effective. This was so because he maintained a large number of so-called black sheep within the police departments who enabled Bhullar to stay one step ahead in this game of cat and mouse. Specifically, sources informed that his contacts within the police system informed him about any plans against him in advance.

Because of this network, he not only survived but thrived for 11 years and after committing a crime in Ludhiana, hid within a 30-km radius, indicating his clout.

Bhullar had intentions to leave India, however the action by sincere ASIs of Punjab Police who were martyred in the line of duty jeopardised Bhullar’s plans. Bhullar murdered two ASIs at Jagraon who recognised him. Because of this incident he decided that he had to relocate.

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Further, it is believed that he was planning big terrorist activities with the support of his black sheep in the police system which were also foiled as a result.

Now, with Bhullar dead, has Punjab Police lost more than it has gained? With the last breath of Bhullar all the secrets he had died with him. If he were captured alive, then attempts could have been made to extract information from him regarding unscrupulous personnel in various government and departments.

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