‘Please help me’: Indian Student brutally attacked in Chicago, US and pleads for help in viral VIDEO

The student identified as Syed Mazahir Ali could be seen petrified and covered in blood in a viral video on social media narrating the incident

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An Indian Student was brutally attacked by 4 miscreants in Chicago, US on Tuesday. A video of the student went viral on social media in which he was in a state of shock with the blood trailing down his face from his forehead. He says in the video that he was kicked and punched by 4 people who then left with his phone. In a state of fear and shock he also plead for help, saying “please help me”.


The student was identified as Syed Mazahir Ali, and is originally a resident of Hydrabad. He was returning to his home which was nearby after getting some food, when he jumped by 4 masked misreants.


The Indian Consulate in Chicago has said it is in touch with the victim, student Syed Mazahir Ali, as well as his wife in India. Following the attack on the student, the Consulate has also contacted local authorities, who are investigating the matter. "The Consulate is in touch with Syed Mazahir Ali and his wife Syeda Ruqaiya Fatima Rizvi in India and have assured all possible assistance," the Indian Consulate wrote in a post on Twitter.


A video of the brutal attack on the student surfaced on social media, in which injured Ali is narrating the horrific incident that happened to him and blood is seen flowing from his head. In another video shared on social media, three attackers are seen chasing Ali through the streets of Chicago. However, Chicago Police has not issued any statement on the incident.


In recent times, attacks against students of Indian origin have increased in America. Just last week, an Indian student named Shreyas Reddy died suspiciously in Cincinnati, Ohio state of America. The cause of his death has not been clear yet. According to reports, Shreyas was studying at Linder School of Business. Even before this, two other Indian students had died one of whom, Vivek Saini was brutally beaten to death with a hammer.

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