When Facebook-owned platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, including Facebook itself, went down for the entire world on Monday, traffic to the world's most popular pornographic site PornHub increased by 10.5 percent.

People flocked in massive numbers to the porn website after a major tech company suffered hours long outage. PornHub got half a million new users every hour while Facebook's services were down.

On Monday, millions of Facebook users were unable to access the site due to a problem that the company described as "an outage caused not by malicious activity, but by an error of our own making."

The interruption on Facebook was unprecedented, becoming the worst outage since a bug took the social networking service offline for nearly a day in 2008.

The centralised structure of all Facebook services, including Instagram and WhatsApp, ended in the outage which knocked all three sites offline. Almost every Facebook service was disrupted, including the company's corporate infrastructure, making it impossible for engineers to enter the building to investigate.

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Facebook blamed the outage on a server configuration switch. PornHub didn't need to do much to take advantage of the Facebook blackout other than existing.

The week, however, was not great for the company as on Friday again Facebook's services went down. The second outage disrupted the company's social networking platforms, Instagram, Messenger and Workplace, according to the company.

Facebook also issued an apology to its users saying, “Sincere apologies to anyone who wasn't able to access our products in the last couple of hours. We fixed the issue.”

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