Protesting teachers storm into education minister Pargat’s Jalandhar residence

Cabinet minister Pargat Singh has condemned the protestors storming into his residence, “that too at a time when he was busy deliberating upon means to solve their problems.”

Protesting teachers storm into education minister Pargat’s Jalandhar residence -

Unemployed teachers protesting outside the residence of Punjab Education Minister Pargat Singh in Jalandhar were engaged in a brief scuffle with police. During the clash with police, protestors crossed the barricades and stormed into Punjab minister house.

In order to pacify protestors, a meeting has been scheduled with the cabinet minister at Punjab Bhawan. Protestors are assured that their demands will be considered soon.

The unemployed teachers demanding employment in the education sector have already staged hunger strikes outside Pargat Singh's house. Teachers claimed that they are fully qualified for jobs, however, the government is reluctant to provide them with job opportunities.

Protesting teachers have also threatened the Channi government of consequences if their demands are not met. The protest will significantly affect Congress' performance in upcoming state assembly elections.

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Meanwhile, cabinet minister Pargat has condemned the protestors storming into his residence. The minister asserted that he has already met union leaders at least five times.

“This is not fair as the teachers union have barged into my residence that too at a time when I was busy deliberating upon ways and means to solve their pending problems. I have already met these agitating teachers countless times and directed the department to look into their genuine demands sympathetically,” said Pargat Singh.

He went on to say that, “this irresponsible behaviour on part of teachers due to which huge inconvenience has been caused not only to my aged and ailing parents but also to several people residing in the area is highly unfortunate. I condemn this inhuman act by teachers and urge them to refrain from this in future as it doesn’t behove them.”

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