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It has been officially confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s route to reach Ferozpur was leaked. The mob, which stopped Modi’s rally, already knew about the route, which was supposed to be followed by Prime Minister. After this, the crowd was gathered from the adjoining village by making announcements from the speaker and the entire road was blocked. 
By then many farmer organizations also reached there. Earlier, they were stopping the buses of BJP workers, this has been captured in the camera, whose videos have gone viral on the internet. Not only this, another video has surfaced, showing Punjab police officers were having tea instead of clearing the way by clearing the crowd. 

This viral video has raised many questions on the intention of the Punjab Government and the Punjab Police.

Have a look at one of the viral videos HERE.

One of the protestors said, “We were aware of PM Modi’s route and we intentionally jammed the bridge. We stopped the convoy of BJP workers and as soon as we came to know that the Prime Minister is coming from Bathinda-Moga Highway, we immediately gave voice and called nearby villagers.” 

He further said that as soon as the crowd was gathered, the highway was jammed and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to leave.

The Prime Minister's route is unhindered, but the Punjab Police was seen not interested in ensuring it. The video videos are enough to prove it. 

The protestors were sitting 8 to 10 km ahead of the place where the Prime Minister's convoy was stopped. As soon as the protesters got the information, some of them started marching towards it. Because of this, the PM's security officials decided to return as the situation could have worsened.

As Prime Minister was forced to return without addressing the rally Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in a statement alleged that there was a "major lapse in the security of PM," and that it is "taking cognisance of this serious security lapse" and has asked for a thorough report from the state government. "State Government has also been asked to fix responsibility for this lapse and take strict action," MHA added.

Many BJP leaders have blamed the Channi-led government and some said that PM's road was deliberately blocked.

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