Congress High Command is in full swing to accommodate the sulking leader, Navjot Singh Sidhu into the Punjab Congress to end the deadlock in the state unit.

Despite the contradictory statements made by Congress General Secretary and Punjab in-charge Harish Rawat that Sidhu will be the state unit’s new President, party interim Chief Sonia Gandhi summoned the cricketer-turned-politician to New Delhi on July 16 to make peace between the two dissident leaders.

Though, it is not a cake-walk to make Captain Amarinder Singh and Navjot Sidhu reconcile as they hold their own set of beliefs, principles and perspectives which incite them to behave accordingly.

Here are key points which suggest that despite thousands of efforts to reunite the disgruntled leaders, certain things will not transform at any cost.

1.   Nationalist vs Liberal

Captain Amarinder Singh is a true nationalist and also wears this identity as he hails from the Indian Army background. For his nationalistic stance, BJP is also said to have a ‘soft spot’ from him and once PM Narendra Modi has even called him a ‘swatantra fauji’ (independent soldier).

While on the other hand, Navjot Singh Sidhu religiously practices a liberal route in politics. He has even challenged Punjab CM quite a many times while being in and out of his captainship.

Notably, the difference in their approach to handle political affairs came at a time when India witnessed horrendous Pulwama terror attack and taking arms against Pakistan Army Chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Punjab CM said, “And let this Bajwa know, I want to say it openly, you dare try to enter our territory and we will set you right.”

On the ceasefire violations, Capt Amarinder made another remark and said, “Does the Army teach you kill our jawans at the border?”

However, later Navjot Sidhu, not following Captain’s footsteps, went to Pakistan to attend his ‘friend’ Imran Khan’s swearing-in-ceremony in 2018.

 2.   Organizational vs Individualist

Capt Amarinder’s ideology is to work in an organization and his own principle made him able to have control over Punjab Congress. Though Navjot Sidhu has an individualistic approach to tackle the political matters, this time he has managed to raise a rebellious camp of half-a-dozen ministers against Capt Amarinder.

Before the 2017 Assembly elections, there were reports that Rahul Gandhi wanted to have, ‘Sidhu’, a different person to be in the chief ministerial run, however, Capt’s pressure did not make it happen.

Once again, showing his organizational power in Punjab Congress’ Fort amidst the political tumult, Capt had organized a luncheon with sidelined 35 Hindu leaders to secure his position.

 3.   Authority vs Aspiration

Capt Amarinder Singh has always been a decisive leader in the Punjab Congress be it over national issues or on  state political issues. He has refrained himself to take a dig at Congress’s top leaders.

Prior to the 2017 Assembly Elections, when Rahul Gandhi inducted Sidhu in the state unit, the latter was hailed by Punjab CM. However, Capt Amarinder Singh always remained disgruntled of the fact that Sidhu, who aspired to become Deputy CM, cannot be at the second position to him. Capt Amarinder’s authoritative behavior made it happen after he made Congress triumph in the polls.

Sidhu, who always held high-aspirations to lead on supreme position has always been subdued by Capt’s command. Despite his numerous efforts when Sidhu realized his words are no more powerful he rebelled. As Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rahul Gandhi back Sidhu for his political role, he made Gandhi brother-sister his audience and sang a rebellious song for the Punjab CM.

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 4.   Winner vs Winner

 Both Capt Amarinder Singh and Navjot Sidhu did not take an easy call against one another. The nature of both the leaders is to be ‘winner’. Thus, amidst the Punjab Congress infighting, if Sidhu becomes PPCC Chief it won’t be acceptable by Capt, as the latter will become a loser, who held an authoritative position in the Congress yet was unable to build pressure on the High Command to resolve the feud.

5.   No risk takers

Capt Amarinder Singh has controlled Punjab Congress’s fort with dignity and resilience. He contested the 2017 Assembly Elections on his own terms and conditions and led the party to make a landslide victory against SAD-BJP.  There were times in 2017, when Capt Amarinder denied implementing Prashant Kishor’s strategies to contest elections after keenly observing the ground reality.

However, now again, 2022 Assembly Polls are round the corner, Capt does not want to induct Sidhu and make imminent rejig in the Cabinet and organizational structure as it could have an impact on the party’s victory.

 6.   Uneven election contesting tickets distribution

As Navjot Sidhu has formed a rebellious group with over 6 ministers and some leaders ahead of Assembly Elections, Capt Amarinder Singh is afraid that it could harm the interest of his aides when election tickets will be distributed.

 7.   Distrustfulness

The frequent war of words between Capt Amarinder Singh and Navjot Sidhu is known to the world. Punjab CM has publically raised an objection against Sidhu’s role in a famous TV show. After Sidhu decided to quit the reality programs, he planned to enter politics. With a brief stint in BJP and unable to make a supreme position for himself, Sidhu joined Congress. And once again, he has hinted at joining AAP while elections are just eight months away thus, fills Capt with distrust for Sidhu.

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