QR code Cyber Fishing: How to stay Safe

How to save yourself from Cyber Frauds through QR code scan

QR code Cyber Fishing: How to stay Safe -
During this time of Digitalization, no one likes to carry cash. Wherever we go we search for a QR code to make our payments. Just because that method is very convenient, we go, scan and pay without caring about one fact that this action might wipe out our hard earned money from our accounts. If you haven’t  thought that way, think now before it’s too late.

Online frauds have become the order of the day and that is why State Bank Of India has issues an advisory for it’s clients to beware of online frauds.

SBI has issued a video showing process of QR code scanning and asked SCAN or SCAM? The Bank has clearly warned against scanning unknown QR codes as they might result in a fraud. The Bank has also warned against SCAN AND GET MONEY stuff and unverified QR Codes.

Now what is this QR code?

QR or Quick response code is like a Bar-Code with nothing written on it. It’s a square pattern in black with URL Embedded which opens when we scan the code. This connect of URL with a website enables QR Fishing. Account related Data of the user stands saved and when we scan it turns into a language. This enables cyber crimes.

Now another question arises that what should we do to avoid these cyber crimes? It’s very simple. Follow some simple steps and stay safe.

1.       Never share your Bank account related and personal information with anyone

2.       Keep your password safe and unpredictable.

3.       Don’t make your Account, ATM and UPI related information easily accessible.

4.       Don’t share your personal information on social media.

5.       Don’t visit unknown links and unverified Apps.

6.       Check your credit score regularly on CIBIL.

In case of any fraud, please follow steps mentioned below:

1.       Report any Cyber Crime @ cybercrime.gov.in

2.       Never verify KYC on either Phone Call or Message or Email.

3.       Keep a strong password that must not be easily predictable

4.       Always use official websites only.

5.       Get an FIR registered at the nearest Police Station.

6.       Stay away from FINTECH apps like Dhani which provide loan without security as they sometimes issue loans to those who haven’t even applied for.

Follow these simple steps and stay safe.