Ludhiana's Basant Nagar water-logged with 'black water' after rainfall; Know what happened

After hours of rain on Thursday, Ludhiana's Basant Nagar Street No. 6 was filled with black water forcing people to stay indoors.

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The weather became pleasant on Thursday morning in Ludhiana, Punjab. The cold wind has been blowing since morning. The rain started at 6:30 a.m. In the pleasant weather, people went to parks, etc., for morning walks and exercise. For the last few days, the temperature in all the districts of Punjab has been above 40 degrees. The rain has cooled the weather. At the same time, people commuting to and from home and office in the evening will also get relief from the heat. 

On the other hand, due to the rain today, the roads in Ludhiana are waterlogged. The drainage system of the corporation was seen collapsing. Due to a lack of proper arrangements for water drainage, the streets and neighborhoods were submerged. The potholes on the roads were filled with water; some of it became fatal. The water even entered people's houses in the streets of Field Ganj. Due to this, people raised slogans against the corporation administration. 

As per reports, a video has been made by a resident of Basant Nagar, Street No. 6, which ends on Budha Dariya, where, due to the negligence of the municipal corporation, the residents there are seeing black water. In the video, the person talks about the problem of water logging in the street due to rain. Due to three hours of rain, the street has been filled with black water, due to which the people living nearby are facing a lot of problems. Earlier, many claims were being made that a meeting of officers was going on, a task force had been formed on Budha Dariya, and cleaning was being completed, but all the cleaning was exposed in the first rain itself.

As per reports, the reason for black water is the mixing of chemical dyes. Even after four to five hours of the end of the rain, the water is filled and the color of the water is completely black. Due to waterlogging in the city's streets and places, it has become difficult for people to come out of their houses.