The fresh vaccine orders placed by the center are at a revised price of Rs 215 for Covisheild and Rs 225 for a dose of Covaxin according to an official source. Nearly 40 crore were administered across the country till 10pm Friday. India is slowly but steadily fattening its kitty of Covid-19 vaccines as the country aims to ramp up its vaccination drive. Universal vaccination against Covid-19 is the only way to beat the pandemic and India faces a tall order of inoculating an estimated 90-95 crore adults (children currently are not being administered Covid-19 vaccines). India began its vaccination drive with Covishield and Covaxin -- both of which are produced in India. Now, there are more vaccines that the Indian government has approved for emergency use. As the number of Covid-19 vaccines approved increases.

The centre has indicated an availability of 13.5 crore doses for July, a fresh order of 66 crore doses for government procurement along with an additional advance payment already made by the centre to reserve 30 crore doses of biological E’s Covid vaccine are expected to boost supply. While the centre was earlier procuring vaccines for Rs 150 per dose , it had indicated that it will revise vaccine prices after the changed procurement plan came into effect from 21 June.

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“The logistic management has to be linked at production and availability at field level, and while we appreciate the concern of states to get more vaccine doses, we must also appreciate how government of India is increasing production and parallelly ensuring that 75% of doses are given free of cost to states," health ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal said. On availability of Moderna vaccine in the country, the government said talks are going on.

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