BSF Deputy Commandant Parveen Yadav has been arrested by Haryana Police for fraud worth Rs 125 crore. The police seized Rs14 crore cash, jewelry worth Rs 1 crore and seven luxury cars including a BMW, Jeep and Mercedes.

The officer was posted in the National Security Guard Headquarters (NSG) at Manesar in the Gurgaon district. He was currently serving as an Indian Police Service Officer. The accused cheated people and did a fraud worth Rs 125 crores. All this started when Yadav suffered a loss of Rs 60 lakh in the share market. He wanted to repay his debt and to do so, he started cheating people.

He did all this fraud in the name of NSG. A bank account was operated by him. The account was opened by his sister Ritu Yadav who is a manager at Axis Bank.

The police also clarified that his next posting was in Agartala, but he had collected enough money from the fraud that he wrote a resignation letter to his department. His letter has been accepted now.

Recently one of the victims, Narayan Das Israni filed a complaint in the police against Parveen Yadav for cheating against him. He claimed that the accused took Rs 65 crore from him on the pretext of providing him with different construction tenders.

After the investigation, the police arrested the accused and his family, who is also involved in the matter. The police is doing their further investigation regarding the concerned matter. Parveen, his wife and his sister are under police remand. 

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