Serum Institute expresses optimism on the payment of Rs 3,000 crore

The CEO, Adar Poonawalla informs that he raised the money from lenders instead of waiting for the cash from the government so that his fellow Indians do not have to suffer anymore than necessary. To see his vision through, he looks forward to be able to provide 100 million doses per month of the vaccine Covishield after July.

The Government of India (GoI) had announced a Rs 4,500 crore provisioning to accelerate the production of vaccines Covishield and Covaxin.

Serum Institute decided there and then not to wait for the cash to increase production. It borrowed money from banks to enable the same.

Now, the vaccine Covishield will be sold at Rs 400 per shot to states and Rs 600 per shot to private hospitals. The centre will continue to receive the same at Rs 150 per shot.

A new round of vaccinations from May 1 to May 18 is anticipated to require more about 20 lakh more doses per month and Serum Institute hopes to provide 100 million does after July.

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Also, the GoI has stopped exports for the time being to first meet the domestic requirements. Adar Poonawalla informs that order is expected to stand at least till July.

Serum Institute is pursuing the production of the vaccine with gusto, reaching out to the US President, Joe Biden to lift the embargo on the export of raw materials. These materials could have a potential affect on the vaccine Covovax.

Still, alternate suppliers can be arranged but that will take time.

The American government responded through media that they acknowledge and understand the concerns. America is probably acting in its best interests.

Still, it is comforting to know that India’s vaccine supply is being looked after by caring individuals and organisations.

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