A destructive avalanche struck Nepal’s Mustang district last week, leaving 11 person’s injured that included seven students. The video of the massive snow-covered mountain is going viral on the internet. 

Local residents from several villages such as Larjung, Kowang and Nurikot were injured in the avalanche that rolled down the mountains and fell down the villages below. 

See the video here:-


Days after the incident a video of the moment when a mass of snow started to roll down the mountain crashing the scenic views of the area that is surrounded by the hills. 

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Screams of people can be heard in the background while several others were seen running to save their lives as a plume of snow was speeding down wrapping the area. 

An Instagram account named @mountaintrekking on November 14 shared the clip where the camera opens zooming towards the mountain top. The footage is shaky as the person recording the avalanche starts to run to a safe place. 

The avalanche continues for 30 minutes and rolled over a school, news agency ANI reported. 
"People have been evacuated and moved onto safer grounds. The snow slide continued for 30 minutes. No human casualties have been reported so far. The majority of the injured are students of a local school," said Netra Prasad Sharma, the Chief District Officer of Mustang. 

The avalanche, reports say, was one of the biggest that ever occurred in the area. 

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The avalanche that erupted from Tukuche Mountain rushed downslope over Janadarsha Amarsingh High School while classes were going on, an official said. 
The Himalayas are prone to avalanches and Nepal being the mountainous country has seen a series of natural disasters in recent times. Such as landslides, boulder crashes and floods. The northern mountainous states of India such as Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have also experienced many such natural calamities wrecking havoc.  Many of these incidents were caught on camera that sent chills to people. 

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