The entertainment industry has been in a shock after model-actor Sidharth Shukla passed away this morning due to a fatal cardiac attack on Thursday morning. Mumbai's Cooper Hospital declared him dead on arrival. The 40-year-old's demise has shocked his fans and colleagues. Meanwhile, sources said that Shukla's girlfriend Shehanaz Gill is in shock and unable to process the news of his death. 

The actor was at the peak of his career in terms of signing new projects and garnered a crazy fandom after emerging as the winner of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss.

Sidharth was the youngest of the three siblings and the only brother to his elder sisters. 

Humans of Bombay, on Thursday, have given a tribute to Sidharth Shukla by sharing a piece that he wrote from his heart. He has given credit to his mother for everything he has achieved in life. Sidharth lost his father at a young age. 

He holds a graduation degree in design from St. Xaviers. 

The handsome actor was a heartthrob of many was seen as a man with a rough exterior, someone who is tough and rough. However, he says there is only one person before whom he could open up was his mother. 

“Right from the time I was born, she’s been the most important person in my life,” he said. 

As he was the youngest and little to play with his sisters he would always move around his mom. Sharing how as a toddler he would start crying if heBackcond without her, little Sidharth would start weeping. So, even when she used to prepare rotis, Sidharth’s mother would hold him in one hand and with the other hand roll chapatis. 

As he grew older, Sidharth’s mother became his best friend, the post read. 

In the post, Sidharth further explains the relationship he shared with his mother. After returning back from playing, he would sit with his mother under the sun and talk about everything with her. 

“At an age where children were hiding things from their parents, I wanted to tell her all about my life! She’s taught me so much too -- I remember being a really mischievous child who would always get away with trouble. But when mom sat me down and told me to always be honest, I immediately owned up to my mistakes,” Sidharth writes. 

After losing his father, Sidharth felt like the sheltering and protecting umbrella was taken away from him. 

However, Sidharth’s mother stayed firm. Praising his mother as a strong woman, the actor says she stood by him and his sisters as a “rock” through all the bad times. 

She never showed any signs of vulnerability. Despite our poor finances, she seamlessly ran the household, looked after three children, and always fulfilled our demands!” he added. Further, the actor says he now realizes the numerous sacrifices his mother must have made to give them whatever they wanted. 

It was Sidharth’s mother who made him find his passion. 

“I used to always act like the ‘cool guy’ -- so in an attempt to ‘teach me a lesson’, she sent me for a modelling contest thinking I’d be put in my place! Funnily enough, I won! So, even on a subconscious level, she’s been a guiding force in my life.”

Bigg Boss stint turned out to be one of Sidharth’s best career decisions. Talking about participating in Bigg Boss, it was the first time that Sidharth couldn’t speak to his mother for three months. 

I know it doesn’t sound too cool to say it at 39, Sidharth said with a smile, adding that staying away from his mom and not speaking was the toughest part of that show.  

“So, when I received a letter from her on set, I sat with it and read it in her voice -- it felt like she was right next to me, and that letter was a piece of her,” he said, expressing love for his mother. 

Sidharth adds that all those times whenever his mother expresses pride for having him as her son -- is the greatest feeling ever. He feels the happiest man on earth for being able to make her smile.

Even today Sidharth’s mother was his anchor and guide and never failed to give her daily advice. 

“When I finally saw her on set after 3 long months, the first thing she told me was to stop wearing shorts all the time and to put on a pair of jeans!” Sidharth’s post concludes. 

The actor just like any other son not only loved his mother but shared an unbreakable bond with her. 

The news of his sudden demise is tragic and unbelievable for his fans. Many are even saying there must be foul play, while some suggest keeping in touch and shower love on people whom you care about as life is unpredictable. 

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